Art Business Acceleration Course

A complete self paced course to accelerate your Art Business success


5 modules, this course organises all of the information you need into 5 parts covering the Easy Art Space business model. I share with you what I have learnt so you too can accelerate your art business.

Download all 5 ebooks and audio files one for each module in the Art Business Acceleration Course.





A complete self paced course to accelerate your Art Business success

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Module 1 - Website & Design 

Having your own website is the foundation of your business.

In Module 1 you will learn:

  • Using your domain name to create an online business
  • The characteristics of a wonderful website

Module 2  - Branding your Art Business  


  • Understand the 5 steps to branding your art business
  • Create brand recognition
  • Build trust with your followers


Module 3 - Marketing


  • How to put your marketing on Auto pilot
  • Many free marketing options

Module 4 - Monetization

  • Creating passive income
  • How to create diverse income streams

Module 5 - Simple SEO


  •  How to make sure your content is sear engine friendly
  • How to build powerful links
  • Improve your images
  • How to optimise pages
  • Get great results with social media

Download all 5 modules, that you can implement at your own pace and receive art business updates to continue to grow your business


Well done on taking a step closer to your own success. Once you complete the course and put some of the plans into action I would love to hear how you go. Please let me know the results

My best wishes to you and may all your dreams become goals.